Remodel Your Own Home Or Add An Addition

You may know exactly what changes you want or may have nothing more than a sketch. You may know exactly how your dream kitchen will look or simply have some clippings. No matter where you are in planning your remodel or addition, UBuildIt is here to help.

But how do you find reliable and quality subcontractors to come into your home? What pitfalls may lie behind the existing sheetrock? What permits do you need to get? Where do you start? CALLTollfree 866-UBUILDIT (866.828.4534 toll-free) for the office nearest you or click here to find an office near you!

You’ve made a great first step. The UBuildIt system has empowered thousands of people, just like you to remodel their homes. Your UBuildIt Construction Consultant will advise you through the process, giving you the control and confidence to make smart decisions that will allow you to avoid costly mistakes and build more home for your money.

Acting as your own remodeling building consultant means more of your remodel budget goes directly to labor and materials instead of project management fees and overhead. How much more? Most of our clients build up to 25 percent more home for their money.

Your UBuildIt Remodel Manual and personal Construction Consultant will give you greater understanding of the details of your project and personal control over all aspects of the remodel process. Our network of reliable sub-contractors and suppliers will help you maximize your budget and can be trusted.

In the end, you will have the pride of successfully completing your remodel, the way you want and will have learned the art of remodeling from personal experience and advice from your UBuildIt Construction Consultant.

Remodeling may not be offered at all UBuildIt locations. Check with your local office for availability.