Custom Homes

You know exactly what you want. You can envision your perfect home in your head. But how do you make it a reality? What are your options? Where do you start?

Build Your Own Custom Home

You’ve made a great first step. The UBuildIt System has empowered thousands of people, just like you to build their own custom home. Your UBuildIt Construction Consultant will advise you through the process, giving you the control and confidence to make smart decisions that will allow you to avoid costly mistakes and build more home for your money.

Acting as your own building consultant means more of your construction budget goes directly to labor and materials instead of project management fees and overhead. How much more? Most of our clients build up to 25 percent more home for their money.

Your UBuildIt Construction Manual and personal Construction Consultant will give you greater understanding of the details of your project and personal control over all aspects of the building process. Our network of reliable subcontractors and suppliers can be counted on to help you maximize your budget.

In the end, you will have the pride of building the home you want, the way you want and will have learned the art of homebuilding from personal experience and advice from your UBuildIt Construction Consultant. But managing the construction of a custom home isn’t for everyone, the next step is to find out if you are right for this process.

Do you think you would like to incorporate “green” building concepts into your project? Check out our Green Building Program!