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office-poulsbo-webIf you are building a custom home or are planning a remodel Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Port Orchard or Greater Jefferson County you should call UBuildIt Poulsbo today to learn more about how you can build more within your budget, and gain valuable equity, with the security of knowing you have reputable professionals in your corner.

Call us today at (360)779-8303 or email poulsbowa@ubuildit.com, to schedule a FREE consultation and learn how we can help you build or remodel your home on the Greater Kitsap Peninsula.

No Experience Necessary
Contrary to many beliefs, it does not take brawn or carpentry skills to build your own home. What it does take is organizational skills and simple tools like a phone and a calendar. UBuildIt clients are saving lots of money by making decisions, contacting subs and suppliers and paying the bills. That is why we refer to your gained equity as “smart equity”, not sweat equity.

Professional Guidance
Your UBuildIt Consultant coaches you every step of the way. It begins in the planning stage with invaluable advice that allows you to complete the process of goal setting, budgeting, financing, land acquisition, plan development, permit application, and project bidding. In the construction phase coaching continues throughout the building process with numerous on-site visits, planned in-house meetings, and a customized building guide created specifically for your project. We assist you to run your job like a seasoned professional.

I cannot say enough about the office personnel regarding overall response and help in a timely manner throughout my whole building experience.” B. Knobloch

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Avoid Nasty Surprises
We can prevent unnecessary and often costly mistakes by putting you in control of a well planned and thought out project. We help you to avoid unwanted surprises and setbacks by pricing out the entire project according to your wishes before the project begins and will monitor job site quality and progress so you can remain proactive to address issues as they may arise.

“I enjoyed working with all of your team and could not have done this without you.” N. Evans

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Pride In Accomplishment
Take pride in the fact that you built it yourself. You put the time in, and made it happen. Nothing is more satisfying than to love in a space that you created and can enjoy with family and friends. When you build with UBuildIt Poulsbo you will have a quality home you will enjoy for many, many years to come, and will love to brag about it every chance you get. And you never even had to pick up a hammer.

“The portfolio of contractors was second to none. All were first rate and a pleasure to work with. The bonus for us here was that they all knew each other and this helped a great deal in scheduling the work.” D & J Kirk

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Our consultants will make sure you stay on track with your budget from day one. We will always assist you in finding the best value for your money.

“We had $67,000 in equity the day we moved in…we couldn’t have done it without UBuildIt.” E. Evans

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Our approach to building your home is to be upfront and forthright. You will never be left feeling like you were misled about the quality and finishes of your home. You make the decisions and are in control.

“You did what you said you would do, and where that wasn’t true, it was because you did more in our behalf than what you promised.”   D. Wishart


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The UBuildIt-Poulsbo Team

clip_image002_009Joe Gates, owner and lead construction consultant is a licensed general contractor, and has worked in residential and commercial construction since 1976. He has an extensive background in custom home construction, kitchen remodeling, and additions, which makes him a great asset to UBuildIt. Joe applies his knowledge to each project, lending advice to homeowners, and helping them to avoid costly mistakes. To keep up on the latest regulations, and building trends, Joe is an active member of the Home Builders Association, and takes advantage of continuing education classes held locally and nationally. Our clients rely on Joe to assist them in land evaluation, design practicality, obtaining costs, creating schedules, and expert advice through the course of construction.

clip_image002_006Judy Granlee-Gates,owner and client relations manager has worked actively in residential construction since 1988. Judy previously received her BA in Education, Training and Development; and she uses her skills to successfully assist and educate clients through the building process and beyond. Clients recognize her detailed organization style and strong customer service background and feel confident that they can always count on her to help them with anything that may come up.  Judy was recently recognized by the Kitsap HBA as Remodeler of the Year.

Picture1_002Allison Falk, Planning Consultant, comes from a background in interior design and construction, with experience working from behind the desk, and out in the field. Since 2000, Allison has been helping owner-builders to design and manage the building of their homes . She has a great understanding of client concerns, and puts forth much effort to keep clients on track. “When I discovered UBuildIt, I found the missing link. The system they had in place was the one tool I needed to prevent anything from falling through the cracks”. Allison loves the gratification of assisting homeowners to accomplish the great task of successfully managing their own project.

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Our Full Range of Services includes:

  • Budget evaluation & assessment
  • Property location and/or evaluation
  • Referrals to preferred, cost-effective Owner-Builder lending sources
  • Designer or Architect referrals & design development oversight
  • Impartial material & technology assessment
  • Construction planning, specification development & bidding
  • Technical & professional on-site consultations from start to finish
  • Access to proven, qualified & reliable subcontractors & suppliers
  • 24/7 phone access & support

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Why We Are the Best Value

  • You pay no profit and overhead.
  • Our flat fee is based on your project.
  • Preferred pricing from our subs and suppliers.
  • You make the decisions and pay invoices.
  • Site visits assure quality and completeness.
  • Established construction calendars keep job moving.
  • Realistic advice and recommendations on products and services.
  • Lenders know and trust us.
  • Know all construction costs up front.
  • Perform the work you want.

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Current UBuildIt-Poulsbo Projects

  • Moving the farm! This unique equestrian property boasts a beautiful home, a great shop and a beautiful custom barn; all minutes away from miles and miles of riding trials. Poulsbo
  • Planning for the future, this well planned home will provide many conveniences so the owners can live comfortably as they age. Tracyton
  • A well lived in and worn out rambler transforms into a cozy comfortable home for the second generation of family owners. Bremerton
  • A small, well planned addition provides privacy and the intimate space for an aging mother who now lives with her daughter’s family. Poulsbo
  • A beautiful home designed by this architect/owner takes advantage of the amazing waterfront lot, and has plenty of room for entertaining. Bainbridge Island
  • A dark and dated lakeside home gets an interior remodel just in time for the owner’s waterfront wedding. Bremerton
  • A unique home on a challenging lot adjacent to an airstrip doubles in size and gives the owners a spectacular view. Silverdale
  • The Olympic Mountains makes a wonderfully majestic backdrop for this fabulous NW lodge style home. Silverdale
  • A home owner takes this bull by the horns and is taking the active approach in building his home and shop – from the ground up! Bremerton
  •  Making personal space a priority turns this home into the owner ’s haven.”  Silverdale, WA
  • Owner/Architect designed home with a spectacular view of the golf course. Bainbridge Island
  • Modern updates to a 1970’s home will provide more living space and the amenities of a contemporary dwelling. Bremerton
  • Contemporary View Home with the Owner’s Professional Dance Studio. Bainbridge Island
  • Long Anticipated Update and Expansion to a Cozy Island Rambler. Bainbridge Island
  • The Perfect Home for Retirement Designed Specifically To Meet the Needs of Aging Owners. Port Orchard
  • Stylish Small Living Home Uses Color and Design to Make this Project Larger Than Life. Indianola
  • Challenging Waterfront Lot Transforms from Unsightly Tear-down to Beautiful Bungalow. Bremerton
  • A Creative Combination of European and Asian Design Elements Create an Elegant View Home. Hansville
  • Traditional French Estate with Indoor/Outdoor Living Space Makes the Owners Feel Right at Home. Bainbridge Island
  • Contemporary Cantilevered Design Makes an Architectural Statement On the Island. Winslow