Louisville, Kentucky

Serving the Greater Louisville & Southern Indiana areas

Are you thinking of building your dream home or remodeling your current home? Are you looking for options beyond handing over total control to someone else or taking on all the risk yourself? Rest assured, by the thousands of satisfied UBuildIt clients nationwide, the UBuildIt® system is the perfect choice for providing homeowners complete control, contacts for prescreened suppliers, subcontractors and vendors and reduced pricingalong with expert guidance from their UBuildIt Consultant throughout their home building or remodeling project.

UBuildIt is with you every step of the way from site selection and evaluation through planning and the entire building process.

Do you need help finding a building lot, getting house plans or architectural drawings, municipal permits, or a construction loan? UBuildIt-Louisville is here to help. We will help you navigate through the maze of planning and starting your project and keep you on track through out construction.

The Louisville franchise owner and consultants bring years of experience in management and construction to help owner-builders like you create their own Dream Home. UBuildIt-Louisville is now in its sixth year, coaching and helping homeowners build equity in their new homes or remodeling projects by acting as their own Project Manager.

Our Clients Say it Best!

**“Awesome! And so was the service. As we have already, we will continue to highly recommend you. The most rewarding factor of using UBuildIt: Knowing we had control and it’s our design.” -Preston and Debbie Marion

They had approximately $15,000 of equity in their home. The cost to build was $270,000 and the lot was $44,000. It appraised at approximately $330,000.

**“I would recommend UBuildIt to anyone who wants to build a home and be part of the process. You won’t get it anywhere else.” -David and Jill Chester:

The UBuildIt-Louisville Team

drewDrew Butler has over 12 years construction and project management experience. Additionally, Drew has a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Masters of Business Management from the University of Louisville. His experience and education provides UBuildIt with strong leadership, management, and construction knowledge.




The UBuildIt System

Our unique consulting service assists homeowners with overseeing and managing the entire planning and building process. By following these links, you can learn more about the UBuildIt System for Custom Homes and Remodel/Additions.

Our full range of services includes:

  • Budget evaluation & assessment
  • Property location and/or evaluation
  • Referrals to preferred, cost-effective Owner-Builder lending sources
  • Designer or Architect referrals & design development oversight
  • Impartial material & technology assessment
  • Construction planning, specification development & bidding
  • Technical & professional on-site consultations from start to finish
  • Access to proven, qualified & reliable subcontractors & suppliers
  • 24/7 phone access & support

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  • You are in control of the entire project
  • You receive the advantage of volume builder discounts and leverage from our preferred subcontractors and suppliers
  • You reap the rewards and efficiencies of utilizing our proven system
  • You can have the upgrades, extra amenities or square footage you deserve in your custom home
  • You get one-on-one attention, response and courtesy from our subcontractors and suppliers because you are a UBuildIt client
  • You establish a relationship and work with a dedicated construction expert who will assist you with every aspect of the planning & building process
  • You will complete your project with a bigger, better home and often times with a high level of equity
  • Banks prefer working with UBuildIt clients and offer incentives accordingly

At UBuildIt-Louisville, we strive to provide a level of service that our clients will want to brag to their friends, family and even complete strangers about their experience! Why not find out more about this unique service today by calling our office for a FREE, no-obligation, one-on-one consultation at 502.420.7999, toll free at 1.866.UBUILDIT or email us at Louisville.KY@ubuildit.com.

Current UBuildIt-Louisville Projects

See why our clients chose to work with UBuildIt to build their new home.

  • Eddie– The Crawford’s are building in Bessie’s Manor in Elizabethtown Kentucky. They had decided to build their new home with UBuildIt in order to take advantage of the flexibility of being able to do some of the work themselves…and ultimately build even more equity into their home.
  • Mark – He chose to build in Academy Estates with UBuildIt so he could utilize and have the guidance of our expertise of new home construction.
  • Gary – They are building in Hardwood Estates and decided to build with UBuildIt because we were highly recommended, have a great supply of contractors to choose from and because of our professionalism.
  • Brian –They opted to team with UBuildIt for their new home because they wanted to take advantage of the cost savings. They will be building in Persimmon Ridge.
  • Shawn –When asked why they chose UBuildIt…they said for the cost savings and control. They are building their home in Bradbe Forest.
  • David and Jill are building in the Orchards of Plum Creek – When it came time to build they met with builders and then Drew, they knew they wanted the opportunity to be involved personally, so they chose UBuildIt.
  • Jason – Returning Customer! He worked with us previously on a basement addition. He was ready for a new home and has partnered with UBuildIt due to our construction knowledge, pre-planning, and flexibility of sub contractor work.
  • Linda– Her son built a house through UBuildIt and now she is nearly complete with a major remodel of her current home.

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